Tuesday, February 28, 2012

new years resolutions

i think today might be a good day to check in on my new years resolutions since...well, it's been on my mind. my picture a day resolution fell apart mid-month so i might go ahead and post the pics i actually took and then get right back on the wagon for march 1st. as for writing...well...

outfit details: sweater - gap, turtleneck - h&m, skirt - old navy, tights - duane reade

writing is going really well! and it actually feels good to be writing daily since i have this beautiful paulo coelho daily planner to write in. yes, sometimes i write a day late but i don't feel bad about that since some nights i'm just too tired to write. :)

i am picking up a new resolution for myself - draw more! i've been really inspired by the crazy little things i have surrounded myself with and so i will be drawing my things...it's inspired by everyday matters. you should pick up this book. it's really inspiring.

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