Sunday, November 29, 2009

this week in outfits

this post is a little late...and i can't blame it on thanksgiving.

last week my dog got really sick and i needed to take her to the animal ER. turns out she ate something she shouldn't have and needed surgery. tuesday-wednesday were the craziest and emotional days i've experienced in a long time.

happily, she's home now. i brought her back on friday and she's recovering here with me.

anyway, so last week's outfits:

monday i wore this fun dress i got from P .
details: dress - marc jacobs, sweater, belt & tights - h&m, boots - p's

details: skirt - old navy, turtleneck - h&m, tights - target, sweater - no brand, boots  - no brand, scarf & glasses- street vendor

details: dress - target, tights - h&m, shoes - dsw
yes, i straightened by hair for thanksgiving thanks to my mom.

anyway, did everyone enjoy their thanksgiving? i slept a whole lot, ate a whole lot and then slept a whole lot more. i've also been obsessively watching "big love" seasons 1 and 2. i think i'll be done with it tonight. great great show.

anyway, i hope this week will be good...although i already know it's going to be stressful. happy end of the weekend!



wohaw love the purpule tights ma!

bananas. said...

is that old navy skirt green? looks similar in color to mine, which i wore on thanksgiving.

hope you enjoyed your holiday. wishing you a fabulous week ahead. and big love is so addicting, especially the first season.

Tink in My Closet said...

Oh my your last outfit is gorgeous... lace dress is so victoriana and pretty!