Friday, November 13, 2009

this week in outfits

i wasn't able to get too many pics this week of my puppy decided to learn how to run into the neighbor's yard through a weird little hole in the fence so outdoor pics are going to be hard for a while till that gets fixed or she stops doing it.

and...ny has been COLDDDDDDDD.

started out the week bundling up in lots and lots and lots of layers.
dress - old navy, sweater - no name, turtleneck and tights - h&m, boots - from my sister, scarf - $5 off the street

because this necklace is just so beautiful and breathtaking on its own, i decided a simple, all black outfit would be best.
dress - old navy, belt - my mother's old belt, tights - h&m, boots - aldo, necklace - thrifted (thanks P !)

this is what i wore to the circus. yes, you read that correctly--the circus! i got tickets from my job and took my mom, sister, nephew and boo. oh and please don't mind the messy messy room. i have not been motivated to clean. at all.
skirt - thrifted, turtleneck and tights - h&m, sweater vest - f21, belt - from my sister's closet (i think she got it off of etsy), necklace - gift from a friend 

happy friday the 13th party people! 
this weekend i plan on eating dinner with the boo, working, going to a fundraiser, sleeping, booking my vacation and more sleeping. i think i am in hibernation mode.


Tenny said...

i really like the first outfit, and that necklace is gorgeous

bananas. said...

cute fall outfits ;)

i feel ya on the hibernation mode. i'm so tired today and haven't done much since 1pm.

Tink in My Closet said...

Love the white bow!! Completes the look!!