Monday, November 16, 2009

target must have/wish list/all of that good stuff

this weekend was spent doing a whole lotta nothing. and that's ok. 
but what i did do was spend too much time and money in target. no good.

on my target wish list:

i need these boots in my life (ok, i will be running home from work tonight to purchase them, i can't even lie). 
rain boots with flannel inside are just too good to be true. 
and the dress--ok, i don't NEED it. but i want it! it's really cute!

but this is just a taste of what i actually bought this weekend. 
the vest i have been eying for the LONGEST. i bought it in a large though, thinking i can pair it with some heavy sweaters. 
and again--this dress...too perfect for words. no idea when and where i can wear it but i am looking forward to wearing it someday. 
i love you anna sui for target. and i'm glad i was able to buy some of your collection on sale at target this weekend.

happy monday!!


bananas. said...

target is the BEST! i love it. i do most of my christmas shopping there. it's so easy!

i already own a pair of rain boots that i love but if i didn't i'd be running to target after work too!

speaking of the 13K! you're an inch taller than me which means you have more of advantage. so DO IT! forgive me, i can be bossy at times :)

Morgan said...

Those boots are awesome!
There was one dress in the Anna Sui collection i loved, put it was sold out like the 1st week it was released.

WILDasaMINK said...

I saw those boots the other day, they're very awesome--I contemplated purchasing them for myself, then i remembered I have a green pair almost exactly like them--it's part of this "think before you buy" thing I'm trying to excersise! Soo cool! you should get them.

(always)alanna said...

loveee those boots; and lovee target!