Wednesday, November 18, 2009

just finished uploading more pics from the sketchbook project to my flickr account...FINALLY.
while doing that, i realized i have a total of 80 pages. and only 10 spreads complete.
ummm....when is my sketchbook due???? 
because i think it's time i start to bust my ass to get stuff done.

here's a sampling (pre-edited so my apologies for not rotating them).
you should head over to my flickr account to check it the rest of them.

while sitting here scanning, editing, uploading, i've been obsessively listening to the new lady gaga song.
let's talk about genius for a minute.
video is sweeeeeeeeeet. vocals are pretty good.
i'm impressed.

the fashion is what makes this video.


Damsels said...

i'm sure you'll get it done on time ... most people work better than they realize under preasuure it looks good so far. .not that im any authority on it

bananas. said...

gaga is the shit and i love that all the peeps who talk shit about her bob their head anytime this song goes on. i love it!