Wednesday, June 16, 2010

D at shecky's night out

i was lucky enough last night to attend the shecky's girls night out as a guest of created by fortune and damn, did i have a great time.

that event is awesome. i would def recommend it to anyone who wants to go.

ms. created by fortune. she's so cute! and her products are awesome.
me and the girls...we probably had too much fun.

and this is me today in my created by fortune bow tie that i'm wearing as a headband!
oh--and my really cool 2 finger ring. love it.

don't forget to enter the created by fortune giveaway!! and if you decide to go to shecky's, make sure you stop by her booth and say hi.

1 comment:

Sol said...

that little bow looks great! and i love the mix of sweet/cute of the bow with the (sort of) toughness of the studs. so cute!