Wednesday, June 23, 2010

D's art

i took these pics. can you believe it? i love how dreamy they are.
the only problem is this:
out of a possible 24 prints, only 6 were printable.
something's up with my settings on my 35mm camera. does someone want to give me a good tutorial? i really love taking pics...but i want to get MORE from the film...
check out more artwork from different artists i know here. everyone's so damn talented.


Mai said...

Last one is great!

mr. make love to your mama said...

just keep on shooting and dont worry about how much film you are using. carry a lot of it. one great shot out of a roll is worth it.

tHEkodak said...

I like the vintage appeal it has. Reminds me of an ole' Bruce Lee film.
I digs the 2nd. The 1st photo seems like it had more to offer though.