Friday, June 18, 2010

D's outfits and more about shecky's

i FINALLY found my camera wire so that i can upload pics to my blog. 
*happy dance*

here's what i haven't posted yet:
this is a work outfit from when i was house and dog sitting for a week.
outfit details: black sweater and blue tank - h&m, skirt - f21, shoes - shop in harlem for $20!, dog - OREO...she's cute.

i was super excited to wear this outfit for shecky's but then i snapped some pics of it and i hated it. this pic is i decided to post it.
outfit details: shirt - shop in harlem, skirt - AA, shoes - payless
i wish this skirt fit me a little differently. i need to rethink this.

AND FINALLY--my pics from shecky's:
created by fortune with her goodies and us shoppers.
my girl, colorful brands, found her cousin selling his goodies at shecky's as well. we snapped a pic with him and then i snapped a pic of my their new 2-finger rings. they're really cute....

well, folks, that's it for this week. i hope everyone enjoys father's day on sunday! i'll be in central park running for prostate cancer...


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Isquisofrenia said...

you look so cute first outfit the skirt is so funky love the pattern and love how the dogs are just there with you.
they love photos ha .aww how adorable
all that jewrly im jealous!