Thursday, June 17, 2010

D's outfit

i know, i've been slacking with the outfit posts.

part of the problem is that i couldn't find the cord for my camera and so i haven't been able to upload any pics. excuses excuses. then, photobooth takes strange pics so i wasn't comfortable doing that. i gave in today and just snapped my outfit pics with photobooth.

purple long sleeve shirt and navy cardigan- h&m, shorts - the boo's (i've been living in these shorts and i don't care how big they are for me), belt/scarf - it's so old i don't remember, shoes - payless (i've been living in these shoes--they only cost me $10 and are SOOO comfy).

i've been on a staycation all week and i thought i would have done a lot more than i have...thankfully, i still have tomorrow and the weekend to do more! it's not that i'm not enjoying my staycation, it's that i seriously thought i would be whipping out the artwork everyday. and, yea, not so much.

i promise a post a little later today announcing the winner of the created by fortune giveaway! super excited to award someone with the headband!

1 comment:

Isquisofrenia said...

i get what your saying about wearing a piece of cloting when its really comfy all the time
you look so laid back and cute
and no more excuses hahhahah