Saturday, January 28, 2012

business in the front...

i've been meaning to post my outerwear since i get so many great compliments on it all of the time. so before checking out my outfit, here's my outerwear:
 business in the front... in the back!!!!

then i got distracted by project runway. whoops.

outfit details: coat - ny&co, scarf - DIY, backpack - UO (present from my mom), rainboots - nine west (present from P), sweater and turtleneck - h&m, skirt - barney's warehouse sale, tights - hue, shoes - UO from P (they're my new favs), alligator ring - present, black rhinestone ring - h&m, necklace - f21, bracelet - present, earrings - street(?)

phewwwwww...that was a lot.

the stripes on the skirt + the all black make me think of some kind of character from a tim burton movie. which makes me think that i should be more deliberate about my tim burton-like look. *brainstorming*

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