Friday, January 27, 2012

jeggings, oh jeggings

i'm going to post about my sis twice today. get over it, we're close.

having an awesome sis means that she puts you on to some real stuff early. maybe she found it on some blog but whatever, at least she was thinking about you enough to make you buy them too. and that's how i ended up with these jeggings. 

outfit details: jeggins - levi's (you can get a cheaper pair here), skull shirt - h&m, sweater - f21 from long ago, necklace - f21, rings - assorted (some i've had, some i got at h&m, some i got on, and do you see my double watches? hollerrrrr

the other thing you need to understand is that my sis is incredibly hilarious. after she got and wore her jeggings, she sent me this email:

"i wore the jeggings today. i have some notes for you:

1. put them on like pantyhouse. if you drive your foot in, as 1 normally does for jeans, they won't go thru the ankle. the ankle hole is TIGHT. so bunch them up like pantyhouse and help your foot get thru the ankle hole.

2. do everything you possibly can to pull them up. you will think that they don't fit and you will curse my name. but they do fit. i promise. just get maceo, mom, dunkin, the will of god to pull them up to your waist. once you button them, you will see that they do indeed fit.

3. walk around, bend over, bend down, jump around. see? they fit!

4. the waist and booty WILL stretch out over the course of the day. if you won't want to have to shimmy around and pull them up all day, put on a belt. if you don't mind shimmying, forget the belt.

5. prepare to receive compliments:
a. everyone was asking me why i wasn't wearing jeans today, since it was casual day. and these are the dark blue ones! so i am DEFINITELY wearing the black ones to work
b. everyone loved the waist and no one believed me that they are jeggings.
c. everyone told me my booty looked cute in them


no joke. she sent me that. and i literally put on my jeggings using all of the advice she gave me. and you know what? she was right. after getting them on, i did some lunges and felt good. and look at my booty! it's looking good in that pic.

and just because it's friday and my hair is looking flyyyyyyyyyy, here's 1 more pic:

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urbanrhetoric said...

and LOOK your booty is awesome in it too!