Sunday, January 29, 2012

sunday funday, DIYday

if you saw a pic similar to this the other day:
then you know a DIY is coming.

i glitterized those shoes using the same technique that other bloggers are using these days to glitter shoes. but i wanted to put a little spin on it so i wanted them to look a bit like the universe.

shoes you want to glitter (i paid $30 for these)
big jar of white glitter
blue glitter (i didn't use nearly as much of this as i thought i would)
packs of glitter dust in colors you want
tacky glue
glitter glue tubes

 because you can get a DIY shoe glitter tutorial anywhere, i'll spare you those details. what i will tell you to do is divide up the white glitter into 4 or more bowls and mix in the glitter dust packets. i mixed a few similar colors together with the white glitter for that space-y feel.

then go to town glittering in sections. i would paint an area with glue and then pour the glitter on top. after the whole shoe was glittered, i then used my glitter glues as an adhesive on top. now, don't get me wrong - there was glitter EVERYWHERE after i wore these, but i have a feeling there would have been way more had i not used the glitter glue on top.

this was also a 2 day process for me so you have to be patient. i threw on some ny ink episodes and went to town.

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