Sunday, February 5, 2012

sunday, funday, DIYday

anytime i mention this DIY to folks, they tell me how amazing it is. 

for the boo's 30th birthday, i surprised him with a coupon book of 30 coupon surprises that he can redeem whenever! this is a simple DIY that you can hand do or create on the computer.  here's how i did mine:

cardstock paper
that's seriously it!

i cut the paper into 8 even rectangles and then created all of the dashed lines on each slip. i created a list of coupons i wanted to give the boo so i went through my list and freehanded the writing and the drawings.

some of our favs:
a picnic in central park
tourists for the day
snowball day
art lesson
1 breakfast by me
movie night
1 amazing day trip
and the boo's favorite - a get out of this fight for free!

after they were all done, i wrapped them in some string and gave it to the boo. he really loved this gift so i promise you that your man will love it too! especially the "get out of this fight for free card" (although, you should create some rules and regulations for that one card).

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