Friday, February 10, 2012

un-valentine's day mood

i hate to say it, but i have a love-hate relationship with valentine's day. i love telling my friends and family how much i LOVE them on a frequent basis, but i hate the pressure of valentine's day. i think it dates back to middle school when all of the cool girls would be showered with flowers, balloons, candygrams and stuffed animals. barf. it seemed really extra to me for someone to try and prove how much they loved me on one day of the year. it makes me uncomfortable. in my mind, it seems really forced and unromantic - plus, being "romantic" is not in my dna. i would rather snuggle with my boo while watching some "big bang theory" instead of sitting at some fancy dinner with wine. i don't even drink wine like that! (ok, now i'm just whining).

my boo calls me the ebenezer scrooge of valentine's day since i've been rolling my eyes and talking about my disdain for vday for the past couple of days. sorry, boo. i would really rather sleep my way through the day in my red heart pj's than go out into the world. 

but if you're like me and have a love-hate relationship with valentine's day, here's some fun stuff you can order for yourself:

this is way cool. i love how it's kinda "day of the dead", classic and cool.

this cracks me up. it's totally how i feel.
really cute to wear on the day.

seriously, that skull is amazing. and the anatomical heart?!? to die for. literally.

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urbanrhetoric said...

too bad i already bought you that feather crown...these are so cool!