Wednesday, February 22, 2012

peek a boo!

did you miss me?

i was doing so well blogging and then...well, i had one of those weeks where i worked a lot and was hardly home so i didn't blog. it's not an excuse, but real life kinda took over. i was excited to blog today until i realized that i wore my favorite work dress just slightly different so it wouldn't be worth a whole blog post. shrug.

instead, i thought i would blog about my spanking new ring and glasses. this pic is kinda weird but you get the point:
ring and glasses - h&m

i decided to give up fried foods (bye bye french fries), hamburgers and shopping for lent so yesterday was supposed to be my splurge day. i had fries and a burger but i didn't really splurge...i bought a new earring/cuff thing, 2 rings and these glasses...and that was it. 

somehow/someway, i will get through 40 days of no shopping. i just have to keep repeating that to myself.

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