Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A-mazing weekend

i have some amazing friends. seriously.

after deciding at the last minute to throw my homie, rain, a par-tayyyy, we had a fabulous showing of people. 

i told my boo that if i rarely went out, i would be totally happy if i could have nights like saturday...

homieeee! and melly. i really love these two.

my chicas.

this homie never goes out. so happy he hung out with us that night too.

 a strange group shot. haha.

i love love love love these two. love.

my boo and his buddy.

ok, so i have to admit, i was standing on a step when we took this pic...lol.

YAY! loveeee manny. soooo happy he came out to chill...
lol. again. i love these two.
that's all folks!


Jackie said...

LOVE THE PICS! i think the photo of me and kel making those weird faces is my fav by far! lol.

Morgan said...

AWWWW great pics, u guys look like u had a blast!! Wish I was there! Well we gotta get it crackin when I visit =D