Monday, September 14, 2009

poker faceeeee

i'm sure the blogosphere is BOOMING with entries about lady gaga's many outfits from last night's VMAs. now, i HAVE NOT seen a whole entire show in SO LONG...seriously, i can't even remember any performances in the past couple of years. i think once britney lost her mind, the vmas lost their swagger. no more girl on girl kisses, or snakes on stage, or britney and JT stare downs. so sad. once she stopped going/performing, i stopped watching.

BUT--this year was a different story!

the standout of the evening (besides kanye's TACKY rant - poor taylor - i heard she was crying backstage...can't help but feel bad for her) was definitely ms. lady gaga who had a million wardrobe changes and was wearing some interesting costumes.

just last week, i was complaining to my fashion friends how designers no longer take risks. why is it that when you have the option of making art that people can wear, designers make the same crap all the time. and i don't mean that they should be as adventurous as what we have seen lady gaga in over the past few months, BUT--there is a lot to say about her fashion choices. although her style veers over the top and to the left, i have to give her credit for being that wild and making a statement. i saw an interview with her once that said she sees herself as a walking art piece. as someone who makes and loves art, i can respect her for that decision.

so here she is--in all her glory:

lace is VERY in right now.

yes, this is just a fancy ass neck brace. but it's totally fabulous with feathers.

you gotta give her crdit here--halloween is in 6 weeks so gore is definitely in.

she's rocking more lace and disks on her head.

this is a cute one-sie but the powder on her nose is OD.

and this one just scared me. but also reminded me of "where the wild things are." which then reminded me that i cannot wait to see that movie!!!


bananas. said...

GAAAAAHHH!!! i love lady gaga! i totally laugh at her flippin weirdo taste but respect her for daring to be different.

Couture Carrie said...

I love her wacky performance artist-y style ~ that Gaultier bodysuit was so fabulous!