Monday, September 7, 2009

why google reader is the most amazing invention ever and update...

i've been super MIA on the blogosphere...catching up on a few blogs here and there when i have a moment. unfortunately, my google reader had me clocked at over 700 blog posts that i haven't read so instead of spending my time working on stuff for the fashion show (whoops!), i've been trying to quickly catch up. as much as i LOVE my google reader, i always feel super guilty when i realize how often people update their blogs and how infrequently i have been doing that.

uh oh.

so here's a super quick post. these are some pics i took during the week while i had my hair all straight.

other than that, i've been spending every waking moment jealous of my bf ability to go out and socialize while i'm home trying to finish these pieces. (and yes, he's out right now at a picnic while i'm home...supposedly working...but instead i'm updating my blog and reading everyone else's....hehehe). i was able to get out and party on saturday night for a few hours. i'll check in with my girls for those pics.

happy labor day! summer is...sadly...officially over.


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Isquisofrenia Style said...

omg so many cute outifts.
i love the orange dress, iwant it