Tuesday, September 1, 2009

so so sorry....

if you've been following me at all on twitter, you would know that i've been beyond frustrated by the lack of internet on my home laptop. everytime i want to jump on blogger and write something up, i am thwarted (what an awesome word) by a low internet connectivity or no internet at all. grrr. here i am, thinking up some of the best blog posts ever (what's in my purse! check out my new ringgggg! outfit update!) and i can't do anything.

not to mention how frustrated i am that i haven't had a minute to check out the 452 blog posts from the bloggers i follow. i'm not even kidding about the number being 452. i'm looking at it right now. besides, who would make up a number like that???

beyond that, i have been incredibly busy. and have exciting NEWS!!!

my wonderful friend (and i'm not even kidding about that...she's really my friend) over at laureluxe asked me to do some collaboration pieces as well as some originals for a fashion show she has coming up on september 10th. yes, you read that correctly. yours truly is currently preparing for a fashion show. SO EXCITING! i've been meaning to document the process but i have been so inspired by my creations that i have had no time to put down my materials and snap some good pics.

so instead of blogging, i spend the majority of my days picking yarn color, crocheting and creating pom poms for the show. my dear friends have been completely ignored and the only non-work things i have been able to do is check out the laureluxe display at hope lounge last friday, get my hair DID and have dinner with my family. even my poor bf, who has been amazing through this process (ummmm, have you ever seen a man picking out yarn and gold thread from craft stores?!? it's very endearing) has been somewhat ignored....we watch tv together while i work and then i promptly pass out at night. sorry boo.

i PROMISE to somehow get my internet up and running soon. in the meantime, for more info on the fashion show, click here or purchase tickets here.


Isquisofrenia Style said...

omg you follow 452 blog hahhah girl, your crazy.
people leave comments for me , im talking about 8 to 10 comments per post and im going crazy cuz i do reply to them or go to their blogs now imagine visit 452 blogs.
hahhhah thats cool though

Fashion Cappuccino said...

That sounds amazing that you're pareparing a fashion show! How cool is that! Best wishes and be sure to take some pictures for us! xxoxoxo