Monday, March 1, 2010

D's doodles

i've decided that here on my blog, i will devote mondays to my art. 
sketches, paintings, drawings. 
this is the day i have to post stuff i have done or stuff i am working on. hopefully, i will have new stuff to post but i figured i can also blog about the stories behind some of my old pieces.

i did this painting back in '08 for a fundraiser that i was asked to participate in. this is the only painting of mine that is not owned by me, my family or friends. sometimes i wonder about the person who now owns it...why did they buy this painting? do they still enjoy it? did they get rid of it? what do they see when they look at it? do they understand my vision?

so many questions...

anyway, to see more of my portfolio, you can check out my flickr account.

1 comment:

Isquisofrenia said...

wow thats so cool how you can draw so awesome!!!
yeah girl ive been to ny i cant handle the coldness of it
im a wimp hahha