Wednesday, March 31, 2010

regularly scheduled programming!

i'm back!

ok, i've been back but the euphoria of being on vacation just finally wore off when i threw on my green boots this morning, jumped on the train and headed to work. boots sure know how to ruin any and all reminders of the beauty that is vacation. damn you, green boots.

i was so in denial of my return to life that i wore a bikini under my thin top all day tuesday while i threw all of my clothes from the luggage into the washing machine. (that's unpacking for me). it didn't
even matter that it was windy and rainy in ny and so i was freezing. vacation can't end when you're in a bikini top!!!!

i realized today that anyone who asks about my vacation, i respond with a smile on my face and an ambigious "awesome." there certainly is no other way to describe it, anyway. spending 5 days 50 yards from the
beach will do that to your brain.

it's hard to get adjusted to work when you're brain is flashing the same beach scene...and thinking about a cup w/ dos equis and a shot of tequila...and you can't believe how "cold" it was when you got back to ny because the weather was just.that.perfect.

i love you, ny, but vacation was that awesome.

i promise to be back to regularly scheduled programming once i upload the pics off of my camera and file them under "awesome."

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Trop Rouge said...

Oh my gosh I am ever so jelous these pictures are great. I wish I was laying on the beach without a care in the world