Monday, March 8, 2010

D's doodles

soooooooooo, i'm a big fat loser who hasn't made any art at all this week. d'oh. 

so here i am, pulling a piece from my portfolio. this is just one piece from a 3 piece series i did in 2003 of lucille ball. the other 2 are really awesome..i definitely need to scan them and post them in my portfolio.

i hope everyone had a great weekend! 
mine was fabulous...except for the part when i got hit in the mouth with a football. that's what happens when you get people together to play a sport you know nothing about. my lip is a little swollen but it's really not that bad...thankfully!

and btw--i really can't believe how beautiful the weather in ny was this weekend...especially since just a week ago it was snowing!! i'll be happy when the winter is over and it's all about spring.



Isquisofrenia said...

omg thats so awesome looks exactly like her hahaha
great job!!

Damsels said...

the weather is great where i am too .. but i bet it wont last long .

the art is super interesting by the way .. i love the warped shape of the face

Jennifer said...

i like this one. do more of these.. draw random faces u see during the day. like pick a person on the train and draw them how u truely see them. that would be cool. i tried to draw at work, and i couldnt. the tim burton exhibit was an experience. too bad i lost my talent for drawing. anyway, do more like this!