Friday, March 5, 2010

D's week in outfits

this is actually 2 weeks of a few outfits that i've worn:

outfit 1
skirt worn as dress - thrifted ($4), turtleneck and tights - h&m, sweater - hand me down from P, shoes - gap, belt - my mom's, necklace - gift from P

outfit 2
dress - old navy, sweater - ekk can't remember where i got it, scarf - UO, tights - random store in harlem

outfit 3
dress - old navy, sweater - random store, tights - random store, boots - from P, belt and turtleneck - h&m

outfit 4
dress, scarf and tights - h&m, sweater - target, belt - hand me down from my mom, shoes - random store in harlem

outfit 5
dress (same dress from outfit #2)- old navy, collared shirt - brother in law's, sweater - delia's, tights - h&m, socks - random, shoes (not the ones i wore all day though) - payless, belt - f21, scarf - $5 from the street

TGIF! seriously...longest week ever.

things i'm looking forward to this weekend:
karaoke with the boo's mom tonight.
no snow this week! and actually seeing the sun.
wearing jeans and/or leggings.
playing football with my buddies on sunday.
being completely lazy.