Wednesday, March 3, 2010

twisted style shop now! (item 001)

so every wednesday, i will be featuring items for sale that i've created. yes, you read that correctly.

this week's shop now is a braided headband that i made. 

length -  60 inches
colors - turquoise (tshirt and cord material) and pale blue (sweatshirt material)
price - $10 (plus $2 shipping and handling if i need to send it snail mail)
to purchase - email me! you must be able to do paypal (unless you're in ny and can just give me the $$).

first person to email me, gets it.

here's how i wear my headbands:
so holler at your girl if you want one.

1 comment:

Isquisofrenia said...

this is so adorable
how cute
aw i would totally buy this but im so broke!!
i cant wait to see all your items every week!