Tuesday, March 23, 2010

mexico mexico mexico!

i totally should be getting ready for my trip but instead i am taking silly pics of my nailpolish. whoops. i guess i am more obsessed with the glittery polish than packing! 
(who needs clothes when you're going to spend 6 days bumming on the beach anyway?!?)

looks like i'll be getting up SUPER DUPER early to get to the airport too. we're talking about...5am? ekkk. totally worth it (except i might not be going to bed tonight. i am too excited!). i figured i can just sleep on the plane.

i thought about packing my snuggie but i think the boo might consider that "overpacking"...i DO own the greatest wrap that i am going to throw in my bag to sleep with on the plane. holler.

ok, i am seriously going to go pack now. or write a list of things i need to pack. it's all the same thing to me.


happy WEEK people! i'll be sure to have some tequila shots for all of you while i'm away...hehe.

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Tink in My Closet said...

Have a blast at the beach! Love your sparkles!! Lady Gaga was fabulous. I think she ahs a great voice and she put on such a show!!