Tuesday, August 10, 2010

D's curls

i've been meaning to talk a little about my hair routine since i started changing it up for the better. i realized that it's the little things that make a huge difference. so here it is from start to finish:

1. i use deva cut no poo shampoo in my hair. it's the BEST. seriously. it makes my hair feel soft and manageable and not tangle-y. that's always been my issue with shampoo so i would recommend it for your shampoo'ing needs. my normal routine is to shampoo once but there are some days when i'll do it twice. it just depends on how nasty i think my hair is.

2. i use the giovanni conditioner (for damaged hair). i went on a serious no alcohol products kick and researched all of the products in cvs until i found this conditioner. it's AMAZING. what i didn't realize is that i should keep at least half of the conditioner in my hair instead of washing it all out. best trick ever.

3. then i use a tshirt to get the excess water out of my hair. yes, you read that correctly--a tshirt. and while i'm doing that, i scrunch my hair so that the curls start to form.

4. after that, i found the giovanni leave in treatment works best. it's thick but really really good. i make sure to scrunch while i'm putting it in (sometimes i use the tshirt to scrunch the product into my hair).

5. then i use a curling iron on a low setting to give some of the curls more definition. for some reason, my hair in front sometimes dries in this weird straight but not straight look and no matter how much i scrunch it, it doesn't curl. so the curling iron helps that.

OH! and i'll flip my hair upside down and scrunch every so often to define the curls and get body. there are a few tricks i've been meaning to try so when i do, i will let you know.

and....that's it!

if you have any curly hair questions, please feel free to email/comment/message me. i'm more than happy to help out.

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Pennerad said...

yer hair is bangin'.
tried most of these, but not the t-shirt trick.
my curls usually come out jacked anyway, lol. they do what they want ALWAYS. love giovanni.