Wednesday, August 18, 2010


last week, the girls and i got tickets to attend the shecky's wine and food tasting in nyc and boy was hanging with the chicas was awesome but the event was crazy, unorganized, and an all around hot mess. not only did they screw up on all of our wine tasting times, after they rescheduled us the tasting was delayed by another half hour.

hot mess.

BUT--the ceviche was awesome and i seriously could have wasted all of my tickets at that one table.

pic of me and the chicas. i was feeling super unfashionable this night compared to them.
and me with my bff. in the first pic, those glasses are for my boo who will be using them for a role later this month. and the second pic, i'm telling her some story about something or other. you know how it is.

i still love the shecky's girls night out...but this wine and food tasting was not for me.
i'm just happy i got to spend time with my chicas...

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