Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ring a ding ding....

my stupid camera always turns on in my bag and then runs out of battery before i can actually take any pics. it's annoying. and since i'm not staying at home this week, i don't have my charger. so i had to take pics with my blackberry...which isn't high quality but hey--it gets the job done!

with that being said, i'm obsessed with:

1. my nailpolish. it's THE REAL TEAL by sally hansen. i love sally hansen.
2. my double finger ring. i made it myself. and yes, i am selling them too. if you want to order one, hit me up. i'm taking orders now via email but will also be opening a shop soon.
3. my new h&m animal rings. can i just say that they are lovely? i randomly found a 4-5 ring stack at h&m on a random peg and HAD to have them.
today's ring? a hare. which is fitting since i told the boo the other day that it would be awesome to own a bunny and walk it on a leash.

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urbanrhetoric said...

i feel super appreciative that i have not 1, but 2, of these awesome rings. i need to take some pics while wearing mine!