Monday, August 30, 2010

D's monday

this weekend was a total FAIL!
not because i didn't have fun...but more because i had this wonderful plan in mind to have the most fun i can have and that totally didn't happen. 

mainly because:
*i woke up before 8:30am both days.
*i was in brooklyn both friday night and saturday all day.
*running errands is tiring.
*the dog i was helping to dog-sit kept trying to wake me up at 6am.

definitely not how i envisioned my weekend but i will say that i had a blast doing what i did and don't regret anything that happened this weekend. i'm a planner so i like to know what's going to happen but the fact that the "fun" stuff i thought i was going to do didn't happen is ok with me because i still had a fun weekend. 
(that was a weird paragraph)

anyway, my camera is finally charged but now i can't find the wire to upload pics. figures. and i didn't have time to scan some drawings/watercolors i've been working on so here's my bad blackberry camera at it again:

detail of a drawing i did that layered tons of different color skulls.

happy monday!!

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