Wednesday, August 19, 2009

blog surfing as usual....

i blog surf. a lot. i have too many blogs saved on my google reader and my bf complains that i don't talk to him enough when he's over because i'm spending way too much time looking at blog posts (sorry sweetie...i know you read my blog and you'll see this!). my response is always, "i'll be done soon, i'm just doing some know, connecting to people via their blogs. blah blah blah." which is also code for, "i love love love love love done in a minute!").

but, blog surfing is more than just that to me.

it's a chance to be inspired.
a chance to learn something i wouldn't have otherwise.

that's why i sometimes post images and things i find from other blogs.....usually they are the things i really really really want to remember so i post for my own selfishness.

anyway, this is what i'm loving today:

thinking about building a crazy garden in the backyard with my sister's permission. this porch area is just how i want to start--potted flowers in the garden, benches, lots and lots of greenery. it really doesn't matter that we both have allergies. (yea right).

now, these images are A-mazing. i love how chaotic everything is...but all of the colors and shapes and everything just goes together so nicely. whenever i think about my space possibly looking like this, i always think i will just want to keep cleaning it up...sigh.......

and finally, because i love graf. and this is just the most amazing piece ever. well, not ever since i have a super secret obsession with os gemeos. but this piece!! wow. it's in now i'm trip to philly....? that might need to happen...


Isquisofrenia Style said...

thank you for your always sweet comments!!!

Couture Carrie said...

Fun post and blog ~ loving it!