Friday, August 21, 2009

uptown squared show opening

i'm a jackass.

yesterday was the opening day of the 12x12 show at the gadson gallery and i didn't get any pics of me standing by my work (or jessie's work...or general howe's work! dammit). blame it on the beers i had prior to going, or the fact that it was hot in the place, or that there was a man seated in front of my work the WHOLE DAMN TIME i was there...either way, i only snapped this shabby pic of my 2 paintings with my phone, twittered about it and bounced.

either way, i'm happy with the way things turned out. my paintings were placed right next to the window so anyone who walks by will see it. and i noticed that quite a few people stopped and took some pics of my work...hooray!

special shout outs to everyone who showed up and hung out with me or wished me lots of luck!
my sis, my bro in law, my step niece, my bf, greg, jermaine, tina, nico, laurel, melly, melinda, jenina, ricky, udee, jelo, and my parents.
if i forgot anyone, SO SORRY! it was a long

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Bun&Cheese said...

awwww AWESOME!!! so nice DT. sorry i missed it, i was outta town!!
i always loved your painting style!!