Wednesday, August 26, 2009

there's a she wolf in your closet.... (today might as well be called "sexy woman day")

ok, if i die tomorrow, i want to be shakira in my next life.

she's beyond talented - releasing both english and spanish albums, she's tiny, cute, and can dance. if she were to start acting, she would be an all-around threat.

this video (which i'm posting for pemora since she shocked me this morning when she said she hadn't seen it), made the song for me. i didn't really give this song a fair chance because the radio just doesn't do it any justice. but this video--it made me take notice. and now i can't stop singing, "there's a she wolf in disguise...coming out, coming out, coming out."


Couture Carrie said...

Shakira totally rocks!


P.S. Love what you said about sharing verything with your sis!

Sol said...

She's come such a long way! We, the ones who live in Latin America, first got to know her when she was like 17! It's crazy. She's super talented.

missDTM said...

i, too, have known about shakira since way back in the day thanks to my mom watching lots of "sabado gigante" on saturday night. it's great to see how much she's grown and progressed and that she now has an american audience.

<3 shakira.

oh and sol--i LOVE your blog!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Shakira is a little too naked in that video for my taste...but I still love her.