Thursday, August 20, 2009

summer essentials...

kinda late with this one but the summer took so damn long to get here.
here's MY list of summer essentials.

1. iced coffee from dunkin donuts. the greatest way to start your morning.
2. denim cutoffs (surprisingly). i retired this style back in hs but have recently started to rock it once again.
3. my blackberry and camera. i can't live without them.
4. my moleskin sketchbook and pencil case (to carry my markers and pens!). i just never know when i'll need them...
5. EVERYTHING cotton -- dresses, skirts, tops. i would be too damn hot in anything else.

6. a great pair of $5 shades from a street vendor in harlem.
7. headbands. lots and lots of headbands. <--click those links to see how i wear my headbands (on sale through my etsy store)!

8. layered bracelets. i can't get enough of them. (the ones pictured below are both from UO).

9. incubus tickets at radio city. AMAZING concert.
10. all things flowers - flower print dresses, flower necklaces, flower hair clips. i have been rocking flowers all spring/summer.

i hope you're all doing better than i am in this heat!

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Couture Carrie said...

Love this post, especially that floral dress!