Wednesday, August 26, 2009

oh jessica rabbit, how i love theeeeee....

i'm not a movie buff. i literally saw "back to the future" for the first time ever last year. (yes, yes, i know. that was a classic from the 80's that i should have seen already). i sometimes feel like my lack of movie knowledge is not only holding me back socially, but also proving to people how completely dumb i am. i hate playing that game-"name that quote!" and really hate trying to remember actors in movies.


there are some movies that i loveeee.

growing up, "who framed roger rabbit" was my FAVORITE movie of all time. i think i watched it a million times on tape all day on saturdays to keep my busy. the idea of the cartoon world coexisting with the human world intrigued and delighted me...till this day, cartoon movies are my absolute favorite.

although roger rabbit was my favorite in the movie, there's something about jessica rabbit that is just so incredibly sexy. even as a young girl i knew that she was (and probably still is) the definition of sexy.

look at her! in her red dress, purple gloves. her face is half covered!

and then...there was THIS scene in the movie. a cartoon girl seducing men? wow.

if i could sing, this might be the 1st song i would learn.

thank you showtime for replaying this movie!

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Aya Smith said...

There's something strangely charming while seductive about Jessica Rabbit... I've never been able to figure out why is is so popular... yet I love her myself :)