Monday, October 5, 2009

all hallow's eve

word on the blogosphere is that people are looking for some halloween costume ideas. well, seeing that i dressed up 2 years in a row, i thought i would recap my outfits.

outfit 1:

the fafi girl.

the wifey and i wanted, so desperately, to go out and had little cash and no motivation. i sent her a pic of the fafi girls and our outfits were decided! all we needed were the funky clothes (and damn--i have tons of stuff in my closet for that), the hearts on our faces, and some headbands. done deal. no one knew what the hell we were but it was a fun outfit anyway.

outfit 2:

the school girls.

i dreamed up this costume one day after hitting up h&m and seeing the cutest school girl skirt. knowing i would never be able to pull that off on any random day, i emailed the girls and proposed we do a group outfit. the number of chicas grew (there were actually 6 of us) and the school girls were an official group. all we needed were the skirts, white collared shirts, sweaters, kid back packs, kid jewelry, knee high socks and we were good. it didn't matter that people thought we were the chicks from charm school. we had a great time.

this year, i am on the hunt for an awesomely brilliant girl group outfit. there are a few ideas on the table but...we just can't decide. let's hope we get it together asap...we could use a few more ideas before we make our final decision...anyone have any ideas???


Isquisofrenia Style said...

omg i defenetyle love the shcool girls all of you guys look so adorable!!!!

bananas. said...

love love love it! the school girl one looks awesome. i absolutely ove the skirt. and the fafi girl look is adorable.

one of my favorite group costumes i've ever seen was done by a group of 12 girls. they wore aprons and pretty much nothin else, maybe short shorts. it was pretty revealing. they had flour all over them, and wore chef hats...

they were the baker's dozen. i loved it!


hey love the fafinettes!!!u look fab!! so for hallowen me and friends suppose to dress up as jem and the misfitz!!! lets see how its gonna turn out!!