Friday, October 30, 2009


random random random.
that's how i'm feeling today.

not really sure why but it doesn't really matter. i'm still feeling random.

so instead of piecing something together that is coherent, smart, articulate and grammatically correct (i'm not in the mood), i am going to shamelessly plug myself:

5 point magazine did a photoshoot with my art and created by fortune's accessories. damn, i am one lucky chick. you can check that out here.

i finally got around to uploading some stuff on my flickr. the best part is--the pics i scanned are all for the sketchbook project volume 4. i was inspired by the day of the dead so i plan on filling up the entire book with images from that. check out the 6 pages i've uploaded so far.

and finally, i love my twitter account....mainly because i can upload random pics of things...from my dog to these shoes. yes, these fabulous new shoes i uploaded to my twitter account. please feel free to follow me.

and finally--i just want to wish everyone a safe, fun and mischievous halloween. i'm not quite sure how a day can be safe and fun AND mischievous. but i plan on doing all of that. and then i plan on hitting up the marathon the next day to see my buddy, udee, run. GO UDEE!


Morgan said...

Omg, I love the boots!! I saw them in Harlem last week and wanted to get them so bad.

bananas. said...

your shoes are adorable!