Wednesday, October 14, 2009

my friends kick ass (again!)

more emails from my friends that make me laugh.

after my post about flamingo's the other day, i opened my inbox to see this flamingo rubber band from rain. he's hilarious for sending it to me. (as an aside--i wish rain lots of luck today...he knows why i'm saying that).

and just today, my cousin emails me this pic. the body of the email had 3 words--"dude dude DUDE." this is the best cake EVER. i desperately want one for my bday this year! do you think carvel can do it so i can get the crunchies on the inside too?!?!? yum yum yum.


please go on the this website and VOTE FOR MY NEPHEW for the gap kids casting call!! he's the cutest little kid....seriously. and please help spread the word!

happy wednesday everyone!!!

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