Tuesday, October 6, 2009


checked out the PINK concert last night. i can't stop raving about how athletic she is! seriously--she was swinging from all sorts of apparatus' and singing all at the same time. it was incredible.

it didn't hurt that the seats were pretty good. msg is big and usually i get some far far seats but these weren't half bad.

i was way too far to get any good pics but i did google pink this morning, realized she has a myspace (who still uses myspace?? i thought it was all about facebook now) and grabbed some pics off of there.

her costumes were--AMAZING. obviously, i was more than satisfied with this concert. i would definitely go back.

these lace leggings were HOT FIYAH.

love love this whole entire outfit.

she wore this while singing a queen song. QUEEN! like, are you serious?!?
OH--and did i mention she sang gnarls barkley's "crazy"?!? it was insane.

her voice is simply incredible.

honestly, one of the most visually appealing, amazing talented shows i've been to in a long time...


Isquisofrenia Style said...

she used to scared me before hahha
but yeah shes crazy good awesome killer perfermorer ha.
wow so cool you went to see her!!

bananas. said...

I LOVE PINK! her performance at the mtv movie awards was amazing. i'm sure her concert was as awesome.

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous costumes!


The Analytical Diva said...

So jealous! After that MTV Awards performance, all sorts of amped to see what one of her shows would be like! Rock on. :-)

James said...

The leather jacket and lace tights are working for me...