Thursday, October 15, 2009

blogger spotlight

flashy stylista is my kind of chica--wild style (or as she would put it: "flashy"), big hair, lots of accessories. her blog inspires me every time i visit it. she not only shows her style, she shows her DIY projects and celebs that she admires. everyday when i open my google reader, i hope that she has posted something new for me to check out.

when i asked her if i could do a little interview with her for my blog, she was MORE than happy to do it. i was super geek'd! she not only took the time to email me, she even picked out some of her favorite pics for me to post. i totally owe her a little care package...i definitely promised her one as a huge thank you for her time.

here's what she had to say:

Name sahra
Age 29
Superpower: if i had super power it would be that i cant make people feel better when they feel down ,u know cheer them up take they mind from negative to positive
i hate when people feel sad and down!!
it might sound cheesy but that's the truth!!!
Why did you start blogging? well i used to look at all those fashion blogs :the fashion forward who copy/paste pictures from high fashion magazines
(wish i like dont get me wrong )and girls like karla,fashiontoast etc ...(who i read everyday aswell!)they have great style
but yet very sobre or more on the rock ,goth ,L.A. girl ,vintage side
and i was wondering where the people like me who dresses: 80's glam ,urban ,goth ,rock ,colorful with a lot of blings and accessorizes like me???
so i thought why not show my style !not that it's better than the other but different !!hate it or love it you will notice me for sure
plus don't forget the fact that i'm not small girl so i wanted to show that you don't have to be a size zero to be fashionnable
and if my style inspires at least one person i'm happy!!!
What was your style like when you were younger? i grow up in a low middle class raise up by by a single mum so it was hard to get the latest clothes but she always use to do her best
so i was in style but not wearing the latest items !! one time though i remember for my 13 birthday my mum bought me the PATRICK EWING SNEAKERS
wish were so hot at the time!!!otherwise it was timberland(fake of course)wide pants jeans very hip hop 90's
then when i got in my 20's i was more feminine i was making my own money so it was easier ,i was shopping at h&m ,zara and stuff.... wich i shop to this day
so yeah gone from tomboy to very girly!
What's the inspiration behind your outfits and DIY projects? everything that surrounds me ,people on the streets ,blog, pictures ,magazines
What's your favorite accessory? omg i have so many that i can't choose but i can say the few i really like :door knockers earrings,studded accessorizes(belt,purse,shoes)
If you didn't have to work, what would you love to do all day with your time? well it would be styling people all day everyday !! i'd love that
What's the most fashionable place you've ever visited? LONDON is defenetely the best place i ever visited you can find anything you want or imagine
but i gotta admit that for the last few year NYC really stepped up to the plate getting european brand over there might have help it!
not that american brands aren't nice but now i find that theres more different influences wich makes it better!!
How do your friends inspire you? to tone it down a lil bit , not to go so wild with my style!hahhaha
i dont really think it as to do with my friends but more to do with where i live !!
if i was living in nyc or london for example i know i would go more crazy with my syle
What blogs do you visit often? cobrasnake,karls closet,dty,stylesighthing,nitrolicius
What are your favorite online places to shop? asos ,topshop,melody ehsani,hellodrama

THANK YOU, flashy stylista, for the interview!!!


Isquisofrenia Style said...

omg yes her style is never boring, lots of bling bling and lots of attitude.
shes oh so great!!

bananas. said...

um...flashy stylista...hi. yea you're pretty effin fabulous!

HER STYLE is kick ass. i love the funky flashy urban thing she has going. it's HOT!

bananas. said...

ps. PLUMBERS?! bwahahaha! that's going to be AWESOME!!!

bananas. said...
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omg thx i feel so honored!! i gotta admit darcy u made my days and i love the way yo presented me!! u wouldnt do better!! see i love to post my style but hate typing so u really did a great job with the few things i gave you!!!thx thx again ur so kind!!! and thx to all the one who following me and like my style!!!thx again boo u know if im in nyc we gonna hang out right ???kisssss
i m gonna link the interwiew on my blog !!

Clara said...

amazinng looks.
i love the glasses.

Couture Carrie said...

Really fun feature, darling!
Love the 80s flair in these looks!
Awesome interview too :)


simplycheapchic said...

i love reading her blog! this is such a cute page!

-meredith, scc

Damsels said...

very hot heading to her blog ... i can relate to alot of her answers

great interview