Wednesday, October 21, 2009

what have i been doing?

i'll tell you what i've been doing....

lots and lots and lots of creative stuff...aka--rotating between crocheting and drawing in my sketchbook for the art house.

(here's a close up of one of the drawings in my sketchbook)
and this week i am working on some decorations for my nephew's 2nd bday party this upcoming saturday. including these paper balls. i love anything made out of tissue paper.
happy (official) bday, little peanut!!! (please go vote for him!)
when i'm not making stuff, i'm thinking of outfits to keep me warm. (i hate you, nyc!!!)

(lots and lots and lots of layers)
jacket - old navy, scarf - street vendor, shirt dress - f21, skirt - old navy, tights - h&m, shoes - payless, sweater - no name

more layers...but this is before it got really cold in nyc.
shrug, black dress/tank and tights - h&m, blue dress - aa, shoes - my sister gave them to me

that's really IT folks...i life is so interesting....blahhhhhhh.


bananas. said...

you're rockin the layers look so well miss thang! you say you hate NYC but do you really? i looooooove it. hope to visit there soon.

WILDasaMINK said...

I love your layers! the colors are great too! And c'mon, NYC is not so bad--try living in the midwest for a while then you'll quickly remember all the reasons you love NYC.

Isquisofrenia Style said...

omg you draw so good !!!
you should draw something for me hahah
and this outfits are so awesome. i love this layering thing going on here!!!
the best for fall!!
i want those boots!!