Sunday, October 4, 2009

my friends kick ass

and they send me some of the funniest and sweetest emails ever. usually, it's random crap i've asked for...but sometimes not.
check it out:

my dude, rain, asked me to compile a list of things he can go shoot that i would want. the list included-- a salmon colored cadillac, a christmas elf, someone with a tattoo on their face, etc. included and then later taken out was a cookie or cupcake with cookie monster's face on it. well, even though he took it out, he still shot this pic for me. and it made my day.

my gchat status the other day stated, "i want a red velvet cupcake." yea, random thought. but i did! my girl, morgan, said that coincidentally they were selling red velvet cupcakes at her school. she shot this pic and sent it along.

i guess cupcakes are a common theme in my life.

and finally, laurel of laureluxe, randomly sent me this pic. she said it reminded her of me. more than likely it has to do with the fact that i work with yarn 24/7 but also because she misses me. hehe.

there you have it! seems like cupcakes are very popular in my life. but hey, at least my friends think of me!

happy sunday!


bananas. said...

you're friends are awesome! i love the cookie monster cupcake. hoolarious!

Morgan said...

I love this post post! My mom always buys those cookie monster cupcakes for my lil cousins, but I always sneak one in. That red velvet looked so good but I'm tryna lay off the dessert until my big trip in ...17 Days!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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