Thursday, April 1, 2010

my new ring

so while i was in mexico, i frequented the jewelry shop at the resort because...well, i love jewelry. 

i was immediately drawn to the onyx rings in the shop. 
i've never owned anything onyx and being that black is one of my favorite colors, i started to become obsessed with owning just one onyx SOMETHING.

and then i saw this enormous onyx ring.
it was complete love at first site.
i put it on my finger and fell in love.

now, the price was really good for the size of the ring but i wasn't sure if i really wanted to spend the money or if i would regret the purchase later or if i was being silly about the ring or i would look silly with this ring on my finger or...!

argggggggggggggggg. the end of the week, guess who owned the ring...?


i love you, large onyx ring that just looks so perfect on my middle finger.
i definitely do not regret anything.


Isquisofrenia said...

wow that ring is so amazing.and looks really good on you!
i want hahhah
i bet you had lots of fun there ha!

Isquisofrenia said...

really ? you need to wear this shorts
and if you have junk in the trunk
give me a little bit hahhah
cuz im flat as a board!

urbanrhetoric said...

i cannot believe that you didn't show me this!