Sunday, April 18, 2010

D's bag

i'm doing another what's in MY bag post because...well, my bag is always changing.

bag: gap, my sis gave it to me
random crap: keroppi stickers (target), sketchbook (moleskin), pencil case (target), pens and pencils, frogs (target), hello kitty roller stamp (party city), stamps to send letters to my pen pals, general howe stickers, clip for my hair (h&m) starbucks card
serious stuff: my checkbook, my red planner (moleskin), pratt show tickets for me and jessie, the UR business card, my banana republic gold ring, gum, keys

that's all folks!

i'm off to spend my sunday running 10 miles. yes, i am crazy.

1 comment:

SweetLime313 said...

wow, 10 miles?! You rock!! Hope your run was lots of fun chica :)