Saturday, April 10, 2010

D's curls

i have an obsession with hair.

i have recently (it's been about a month or two) transitioned my hair care products to all natural products. i was afraid that everything else was drying out my hair. and as a result, i have also started to accept the fact that i will not be able to control my big curly hair into perfect ringlet curls. 
look, my hair is big, it's curly, and out of control:

(i look so

well, the more i think about my hair (which is a lot), i start to wonder if i could ever get my hair to look like this:
...or some variation of that.

i guess it continues with me using my natural hair products, some good cuts, and lots of love.

any curly haired girls out there with some thoughts/suggestions/words of wisdom?


Julls said...

I would love to have such a great curly hair !

Jennifer said...

i want that kind of hair too.. now that the weather changed, my hair has just gone frizzy. i cut my hair because it was too long and too much kept falling out. now its slightly below my shoulders and fat frizzy curls instead of long straight curls.. blah. i couldnt find ur products at the grocery store, lol.. let me know if u come up w anything else!!

SweetLime313 said...

Have you considered a Brazilian Blow Out? I know you are trying to stick with natural products, so you might like the BB. Its supposed to be healthy protiens and Keratin... and no, contrary to how it sounds it is not a straightener. Its more like a smoothing and de-frizzing treatment. When I was researching whether or not to do it, I saw pix of curly haired girls who saw amazing and smooth ringlets. Check it out!

SweetLime313 said...

oh, and your letter will be mailed out tomorrow!! Thanks for being patient :)