Friday, April 16, 2010

D's week in outfits

not week, but 2
in the first outfit i'm wearing: dress - from my sister's closet, blazer - old navy, leggings - target, shoes - 125th street, necklace - thrifted, bangles - h&m and my sister's closet, headband (shown in closer detail in pic #3) - h&m
in the second outfit i'm wearing: skirt - nordstrom, top - my brother in law's, boots - from my sister's closet, belt - so old i can't remember, necklace - thrifted, headband - ribbon

this headband from h&m in pic #3 is my new favorite! i will probably be wearing it a lot.

i took these pics the other day when i was talking the dogs:

i love spring. the colors are amazing.

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