Friday, April 30, 2010

D's outfit

ok, this outfit is from february.

how do i know that?

it's because i'm dressed as mariah carey for a black history month celebration i went to.
outfit details: dress/shirt thing - so old i can't remember, fur coat - h&m on sale for $20, big butterfly ring - f21, shoes - harlem for $12

i totally love this outfit.

oh and btw--i got a weird response from yesterday's post. sorry it was such a bummer...just some stuff i've been thinking about. i don't usually share my feelings with the world like that but it was on my mind. i'm totally ok now and not really thinking about stuff as much as i was yesterday (even though i am still reading that book...ekkkkkkkkkkkk!). i didn't mean to preach about those things...i feel bad now.

i'm totally ok now though. i promise.

i'm excited for the weekend!!!!

happy friday!


Mia said...

That dress looks great on you :)

As for your post yesterday, it's your blog, so blog about what's on your mind. I think that book would make me crazy... I feel so infinitesimal as it is!

Isquisofrenia said...

you look sexy ,love love your shoes!