Wednesday, September 15, 2010

D's fashion inspiration

there's no joking here--i love fashion.

and i love looking at really good fashion blogs.

so it's no surprise when i say that i spend hours looking through my google reader and saving pics to my tumblr of outfits that i L.O.V.E.

with that being said, here's what i am looking forward to this fall:

perfect work outfit. it's stylish, comfy, cute. definitely something that can be dressed up and down.

yes please to these glasses. i want. i need. that's it.

another perfect work outfit. i shouldn't love stripes but i do. i just can't help it.

this isn't good for fall but i will find a way to rock something similar.

and here's an update on shop free september:
i cleaned the space under my desk at work and found not one, not two but three pairs of shoes that i totally forgot i had and i love. seriously? this is ridiculous. i wonder what else i will be able to find this month. either way, it makes me happy because now i have some new stuff to think about wearing.

thank you shop free september.

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