Monday, September 13, 2010

D's weekend

i've been in weekend mode since wednesday, 6:30pm. after work, i hopped in the car and headed out to atlantic city for the boo's friend's wedding. and it was lovely.

because i couldn't buy a dress, i had to find something in my closet...and quickly. after trying 2 dresses that were not working for me, i decided on a vintage $6 dress i got at the thrift store around a year ago. i had never worn it (it's very see through) so i figured that this occasion was as good as any other.

unfortunately, i didn't take any full body pics of the outfit.
(i'm a terrible blogger)

ekkk sorry folks.

all you really need to know though is that people kept complimenting me on my dress and asking if it was vintage. SCORE.

i hope people post some of the wedding pics on fb so that i can steal a few and post here.

happy monday morning!

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SweetLime313 said...

What a beautiful couple! You should find a letter in your mail box shortly my dear :)