Thursday, September 16, 2010

hilarious email exchange that had me dying

email from C.D. to me:
"i kinda love that on the right side of facebook there's always random old pics/memory posts..."

my email response to C.D.:
"girl, let me tell you. i've seen some awesome old pics of all of us that i LOVE. but then i've seen pics of (my boo) and his exgf! i showed him last night how that happens and with my luck--a pic of him and his ex kissing popped up! he was like, "wtf!" literally, i was looking at a random pic of my sorority sister and there popped up a pic of (my boo) and his ex. i was like--really? REALLY????

i kinda want to dislike that function on fb SO BAD for that reason."

1 comment:

Maceo said...

For the record, we weren't kissing. I love you, baby, but you exaggerate. It was close talking. I would also like to state that it wasn't my picture and the pic was 3 years old.

The blog looks great. Keep it up. Love you.
- Boo