Thursday, September 30, 2010


FINALLY! pics from the wedding i went to and you can actually see my dress!

yes, my dress is sheer. hence the slip under.

the boo loves to take "prom pics." seriously. whenever we dress up and go out, he always makes me take a fake prom pic...
funny enough, we did go to prom in the same limo back in hs but with different dates! we didn't date back in hs but we did GO to the same hs. confusing?

stay tuned tomorrow for some hs shots of honor of my 10 year hs reunion!

outfit details: dress - thrift store STEAL ($6), bag - my sister's, shoes - jessica simpson via my sister

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Mariposita said...

I love the dress on you!! Great color and cut! Now that you mention Prom and HS reunions I realized I never took a prom picture.